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Describe what you offer here. Add a few choice words and a stunning pic to engage your audience and get them to click. 

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Describe what you offer here. Add a few choice words and a stunning pic to engage your audience and get them to click. 

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What We Do to Make Your Event Memorable



Cocktails - Wines - Spirits


 Fancy a classic cocktail, or the latest trend, that's all good, and we've got you covered. We've been serving drinks for over 20 years just like the food we home cook, so when it comes to cocktails, wines and spirits, there is no difference, you'll smply get the best. 


We curate and find the top ingredients and products we can find for you. From simple, honest and fair products, to upper range and of course top end products and renoned brands.

We have a full and extencive list of cocktails, using various spirits, also twists on classic cocktails, with homemade infused spiritis, fresh juices and much more, so from smooth to citruicy, from meduwn to sweet, from strong to non alcoholic, we have a lot in store, so just tell us what you fancy, or let us suggest some of our best sellers.


Wines, this is something that we take very seriously as everything else we do, but wines are really close to our hearts, so we spend a lot of time finding exelent products.


All our wines are way above average of what you'll find in stores, so from the cheapest one to the more expansive ones, you'll get a real, honest, fair and quality product.


Wether you're looking for a simple and fair entry wine, or a Grand Cru Classe, a easy drinking wine for your party, or a more eleaborate wine for your fine meal, we have so much goodness in the cellard, so we can select it for your event, or simply deliver the selection of your choice to your door.  

Fell free to ask us about our lists of bubbles, wines, or specials, and let's talk about what you like so we can expertitevly advice ans recomand you something you'll love. 



Events Planning

The secret to any great party is adequate and thoughtful planning. From the start, we will provide specific information about the concept and ideal location for your event.

    We will then perform a detailed site analysis to maximize its potential, uncover any hidden opportunities and eventual issues early on in the planning process to reduce your stress.

   More than just event management
we’re eager to work together to produce a comprehensive plan that may include:

• Invitations and Stationary 
• Music and Live Entertainment 
• DJ’s and Bands 
• Decorations and Table Settings 
• Floral Arrangements 
• Audio/Visual Equipment 
• Transportation and Logistics 
• Photography 
• Beauty therapist 
• Make up artist and more 

   Events Answer's team of event and catering professionals inspire with confidence, enthusiasm and reliability from start to finish. The best team can only deliver the best food drinks and service. The team’s ability to quickly establishes professional relationships with clients, venues and suppliers so every event from small to large will be dealt with professionalism, accuracy, passion and dedication.


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